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SALMA for Word
SALMA is a handy tool for business analysts and project managers. The standard Word behaviors make it easy to use and intuitively understandable. SALMA simplifies and accelerates work with top-level application’s requirements by authoring, specification forming, document collaboration and data extraction.
With the SALMA Word add-on, any written and approved document (e.g. software blueprint, solution architecture description or any other highly or lowly structured, formal or informal, extensive or concise documents) that contains requirements, user stories, specifications or tasks, and can be easily transformed into embedded content within the TFS Work Items.
The add-on enables efficient ALM practice integration into existing business structure and processes by leveraging MS TSF usage. It provides TFS platform penetration into common business document management practices, accelerating the overall ALM integration cycle.
Key SALMA functionalities and benefits:
  • Users can create work items with the help of MS Word instead of other clients (Team Explorer, Visual Studio or Team System Web Access).
  • Users in any ALM role can create a TFS Work Item simply by selecting the text in a Word document and publishing it to a specific Project in the desired type.
  • Users can fill in the Work Item (WI) with a detailed description in a rich text format and insert charts, tables, shapes and images.
  • The text marked in a document as a Work Item is accompanied with pivotal information (status, type and author). Users can hide or reveal the description without interfering with the document structure.
  • Users can track WI status changes directly in a document.
  • Users can quickly and easily extract a set of structured data (list of Work Items, statuses and descriptions) from one or several projects, analyze it, print out or forward it as new Work Items for new projects.
  • Requirements can be reused in various team projects.
  • SALMA is applicable to any Word document, in any structure or format, and works without placeholders or predefined templates.

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